Inevitability: Crossing the Event Horizon

One of the concepts central to my Training regards the ability Man possesses to effect change in the very fabric of Reality. No, no, this is not those X-men-like things with all the fancy colors and unearthly sounds. It is simply making the Mind – truly one of the most powerful artifacts in the Universe – realize that there is so much it can effect, that one of God’s most important gifts is the ability to not be confined to specifics and details of His Will. When the Mind knows so few fetters, it is then free to do what it wills.

Perhaps this is where my disdain for Fate lies, that and the acceptance of String Theory and the Quantum Many-Worlds Theory into one’s belief systems as well as the Primary Concept of Precognition. There is no single future, but only a near-endless variance of conclusions, like continous ripples emanating from a locus. What Becomes is simply that which Is through a confluence of events and circumstances. It is this knowledge, and the extent of one’s resources to effect change within this particular locus that is the way to spit in Fate’s eye. Fulcrums, after all, can move more than a single world if one has the right kind of tool, and the ability to manipulate that tool.

Yet… why am I in this situation? I see where particular points are that require a certain type of pressure to make the outcome into something I wish. Yet, yet…

It is like knowing where the event horizon of a black hole is, and stepping past its invisible yet palpable boundaries anyway.

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