Not Exactly (Another) Gloriagate Post

Well, yes, I was thinking about doing one. I mean, it’s the hottest topic of the day, and I’m supposed to be a Mentat. Like what Thufir said, you can’t stop analyzing your data.

Unless, some part of you decides to… take a leave of absence…

Ha, ha, I’m actually irritated at the anti-Gloria forces not exactly out of a sense of indignation over the mess they made of the economy, but because they screwed up my routine. Since when did I complain that I really can’t take my frap anymore?

And why is it soo much better to jusy play R.O.S.E (oh, yes, it rocks big time…) and DW4: Empires than listen to another bit of news on this damnable Gloriagate?

Since when did I become so…

Ha, ha, as if I don’t know the answer to that.

And maybe because my systems are beginning to realize that we are, indeed, in the “lemmings” scenario. How hilarious that Gloria fell for it, admitting over nationwide media that, yesh, it wash mai voiice in the tapesh. How stupid can the Palace pol and media ops can be? Now it’s escalated and all these leaders are taking the “moral high ground” by asking her to resign.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Fucking Lemmings…

It’s soooooo… no, not stupid. All those “middle forces” that have called for her resignation on moral grounds, or because, regardless of guilt, she has lost her mandate to govern, do have a point. If you had stood on EDSA during People Power II, how can you condone what the President did?

But, but…

I wish… I wish they’d thought on it some more. Go past the surface issue of morality, legality and propriety. Look at the dynamics and background of the forces moving and contending the Gloriagate. Ask the questions many wouldn’t want to hear: yes, yes, morality and all is dandy, but, children, why now? Why was it just revealed? Why is the opposition so hot to get people on the streets when they can use constitutional measures to take her down? Where are the people who actually did the operation? Surely, if it was ISAFP, and with a divided military, someone should have “rescued” these men if they were incarcerated?

There are so many questions… yet so many of those who’ve come out for Gloria’s resignation have not looked past the morality and propriety issue. This is a little bit off tangent as an analogy, but it’s like talking peace with a warmonger: do you honestly expect the other side to smile and shake your hand and leave you in peace? People tend to judge other people through their own values and perceptions, but he/she isn’t you. It’s like the sacking of Baghdad. The Caliph surrendered after a lengthy siege, hoping to at least have his people and the rich culture in the center of the Muslim world spared the ravages of war and plunder. Unfrotunately for the Caliph, he was suing peace from the Mongol Horde. Check your history books to find out how gruesome it was after they hacked the Caliph and his party to pieces right in front of the gates of Baghdad.

Has anyone really asked themselves why the other side(s) are acting the way they are, even if the call is the same? Do they honestly think that

You see, I’ve gone beyond the “surface” issues beacuse what we have here is a classic struggle for a country’s future. We’re talking endgame scenarios, of what will happen if Force A gets their wish, or if Force B does this and that. You skip the surface issues because you know all the sides in this war except maybe for yours plays a very, very dirty game and they don’t think in terms of what’s good for the people or not. The Opposition wants to be back in power through extra-consti means because they know they will never regain it evermore. The Left see in this a wonderful opportunity to inch closer to their goal. The military thinks that this time may be it, after soo many failed coups.

Gloria has failed us big time, that’s not under debate. We all know that. But this isn’t the RIO. This is post-PP2, where sociocivic fatigue has set in and the world is much, much darker than when the ’90s came along. Back then, there were choices.

Now, what are your choices? Do you even have any?

Honestly, has anyone even considered what will happen in a post-Gloria scenario?

Here’s one, for the “Phyrric Constitutional Victory” scenario: Gloria resigns, or is forced to, or gets impeached. Let’s say Loren’s dispute of the elections fizzles, so Noli really is the Prez now. Let’s disregard who he chooses as VP.

Ask yourselves: will the Opposition and the Left settle for this? People, they want a junta because there is no other way for them to sieze power.

Noli will be subjected to intense pressure. Maybe he has a chance, if he chooses a Liberal as his VP because the LP has the network, the resources and the people to back him up. How about the Nacionalista’s? Maybe a Villar VP-ship will see the NP grow in numbers again, but can you trust political turncoats? And can Villar not take advantage of all that political windfall? But these are turncoats and trapos; when the pressure gets too intense, they’ll leave Noli hanging in the breeze.

So who does he turn to? ABS? Maybe, whether or not he disassociates himself from the media giant. So now you can hit him with allegations of Ch. 2 being the puppetmaster this time, and isn’t it the Lopezes who own both Ch. 2 and Meralco?

Let’s say GMA resigns in… five weeks. Let’s give her until August. September she’s out, Noli steps in.

In less than six months, he’s also going out…

Ah-ha-ha-ha. Why am I so damned pessimistic? Why do I dream of holding the line, alone, for the Union as our forces flee from a surging mass of anti-Gloria / pro-Erap / Radical Left tidal wave?

Why do I soooo much want to…


Does Rock Ed have any activity soon? I need to do something positive and immediate-feedback, because all this is starting to get to me.

And I’m depressed already…


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