Doronilla and Monsod speaks… and I don’t think CivSoc will like it…

Forgive any irrationalities and/or confusion in this post: not one hour after returning from Makati from a meeting, the 5th (!) batch of FEU students to research on the Party came around so I had to answer their (rather insightful) questions and give them the tour of the HQ. Suffice to say, I’m kinda tired and the day isn’t over yet.

I’ll Recharge first: check the blog of my “little sister,” Rhea. Quite a sharp, observant, aware and insightful young lady. Her most recent post about her Socio 10 class is a very, very interesting read. If I was part of the “elder” population – the genealogical one – I’d be inspired to hear that a member of the youth can not only appreciate a course of hers but truly learn from it. If more of the young that followed my age group thought and feel like her, especially regarding what’s happening with the country, then there truly is still a reason to hope.

And she isn’t even 18 yet. Truly amazing…

On to the serious stuff. Today is Wednesday, the day after the latest protest march against GMA. So what has happened?

Data is still streaming in (and it’s hard to fully use the analytical protocols of a Mentat when you’re tired), but what caught my attention was the columns of Amando Doronilla and Winnie Monsod. Partly because both expressed in far better ways than I could the reasons and rationale for my actions – or rather, my inaction – since the Gloriagate began. As one of the “field officers” of K2Y during the Erap RIO, as someone who is known as a “passionate fighter” for his causes and beliefs, shouldn’t I have been the first to loudly call for La Gloria’s resignation?

It looks like Gloria may have survived this latest assault after all. There are no massive crowds. No outrage at the killing of the impeachment. Her foes batter at the walls of her fortress yet it seems not enough, even to make a significant dent.

As I said, the two writers above said it better than I could, especially in this condition, so just look them up. I’ll just comment more later. But let me just say this: I don’t think a lot of people in Civil Society will be pleased to see those columns…

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