Blah, Blah, Blah (or the prelude to the more serious posting that SHOULD follow this one)

Pardon me for this post. I just spent the just-concluded workday either re-compiling data for the new LP website or transcribing the proceedings of our last Democracy Forum. In short, my brain is a rather mashed mass of material that might be in very little if any condition to discuss the serious stuff that’s been percolating in my consciousness for the last few days.

So, to give myself a mental break, I shall skim through a lot of “light” topics.

A note to my proteges: yes, we MUST have such mental breaks. Yes, even the most formidable of Mentats must take these mental equivalents of pausing and taking a breath, otherwise the sheer load of processes our minds take on as Analysts might crash those same minds.

Okay, first off: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It rocks. Big time. This isn’t Spirts Within, people, but the real thing. Squaresoft – er, Square Enix – has always been known for its cutting edge tech and excellently-crafted role-playing games for the console games. Final Fantasy VII still stands as the RPG for consoles, even though its successors generally have better tech. Like I’ve said a dozen or more times before, no RPG has involved me so much, has taken me into its world as much, as FF7. I kept playing the game over and over again, whereas I didn’t even finish FF8, FF10 and X-2. I didn’t even play FF9. The only other console RPG I finished was Xenosaga I, I think.

When Square came out with FF: Spirits Within a couple of years ago, many of us otaku and RPG fans eagerly awaited it. For some, it was okay. For some, it was a disappointment, much like the Star Wars prequel was to fans of the franchise like me who’ve read the books in between (or the Lord of the Rings fanatics – like me – who’ve read the books, plus Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, who screamed at some of the things done in the movie, like what they did with Arwen. Aragorn was cool, though). So when news of this “continuation” of the FF7 storyline came out, fans were understandably on edge. But expectant. The demos were cool, but will Square deliver?

Very much so, in my opinion. The CG was smooth; in fact, I think Square was bragging a bit on what they can do now when you see the end credits. But not just the CG, the story was right on the money for the FF7 franchise. It was just as epic and as engaging as the game. And the fight scenes… You just have to see it.

And if for nothing else, their treatment of Tifa Lockheart in FF7: AC made it all worth it, especially her “pa-cute” scene at the end. Good Lord, but that is one beautiful virtual lady… And, yes, she kicks butt. I’ve always had a weakness for those strong-yet-caring types…


(I told you this was light stuff…)

I also purchased this book titled “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” I’ve barely started, but the way the author crafts words and sentences has caught my attention, aside from the humor.

I’ve also designed this character in White Wolf’s Exalted in the pattern of a Jedi. Ewan ko ba. I really have this fascination with the Jedi, more than the psychokinetic push that people kept doing after watching Episode I.

I’ve also not set foot in pROSE since Sunday.

And I’ve been trying to get a date since Saturday, too (“,)

Oh, well.

Listening to Stonefree. Listen is playing, my new fave song. I don’t like the fact that it’s so similar in theme to “Would you be my number 2?” – I’ve always been of the opinion that, if you can’t give a lady your Heart’s full attention, you shouldn’t because that lady deserves nothing less and so much more – but it captures my mood.



(bear with me. My Mind is currently doing the biological equivalent of a memory dump)

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    just dropping by to give you a heads up on my move to my own domain:

    hope you will still visit me there as you did in my blogspot account.



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