A Distrubing Development

Martial Law is a term commonly heard (at least) among the punditocracy of late. I suppose one cannot fault the Philippine’s columnists, writers and bloggers about this: many of them come from the freedom movement of the last Martial Law, and many of La Gloria’s recent actions look as if we’re headed that way.

I suppose I’m getting worried too. Ever since the Palace came out with its pronouncement of the “calibrated preemptive response,” the action on the streets following the defeat of the impeachment has gotten… ugly. As in really ugly. Good Lord, what was Gloria thinking? Saying her government would use “the full force of the law” to prevent “illegal” rallies was like trying to put out a small brush fire with A1 jet fuel. One thinks whether that crazy little girl is asking for it from the Left. Or maybe she really has thrown all the “conventions” and considerations for civil liberties in an effort to silence her opponents: goad the (admittedly gullible) radicals to more street actions and then take them all down.

From what the news have reported, the Left have, indeed, called Gloria’s bluff, staging one protest action after another. Two headed for Mendiola have already met with “CPR” anti-riot forces, netting for the government the secretary general of Gabriella and the president of Sanlakas. For the Left, these rather violent dispersals and arrest of several of their leaders and members have netted for them more airtime.

You know, sometimes her strategists and operators really confound me.

But this is, indeed, disturbing. Someone wrote that Gloria, being a Hahvahd-trained economist, would not go the ML route; such an action goes against her training. Yet her government’s actions have tested the boundaries of securing the saftey of the state and its people over individual rights and liberties. This is a cause for concern, and I wonder if any of my old comrades in the Union are aware of this. Because we should. We or our succesors in the UCSC should be asking some very hard questions right now about where the country is going, while we still can ask those questions.

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