In my Training, “ideological confusion,” or the contradictions that come about between the declared tenets of a system of belief and the actions of (some of) its propenents, is something to be expected from either the extreme Left or Right, more with the former. A sample of “ideological confusion” is the Left’s declaration that they are the true democracy when they suppress and even persecute any views contradictory to the one the Communist Party espouses.

The third hearing for the LP’s leadership dispute last 8 June 2006 was a morning filled with confusion. Well, ok, I wasn’t confused. What Chito was saying during the hearing wasn’t anything new. Or unexpected. Duh. What else was I expecting? I think the better term would be… outraged?

I think I tuned his voice out somewhere near the end of his rant because it was getting grating and I have to watch my blood pressure. I guess I find it amazing how someone can, on the streets, demand for the right to be heard, for democratic processes, for extra-constitutional action when constitutional ones fail, while denying these same rights to others. Was it in one of Orson Scott Card’s books where he said that freedom of speech is demanded by everyone until it conflicts with one’s interests? Something like that.

I guess I found it utterly amazing. I almost forgot the rules of decorum there, wanting so badly to shout at Chito, so what made March 2 different from everything you people have been doing since July 8?

There he was, and Wilfred Asis, demanding – even commanding – the COMELEC to declare in their favor because the “rulebook” that was the LP Constitution said so. A constitution, by the way, that was crafted to favor Drilon. It’s also incomplete. Want to see proof that they manipulate evidence? Check the small, italicized note at the end of the “Drilon” constitution, where it states that amendments were made November 2004. There should be another paragraph there that says the consti’s provisions are incomplete becuase Chito failed to submit to us the definitions for four of the five new positions.

Amazing, isn’t it? They’re using an incomplete frankenstein of a document to defend their position. Too bad my own side didn’t hear – and refuses to hear – me when I told them that. I should know because I’m the one who wrote in the corrections after the Nov. 2004 NECO meeting. Hah, I even told Chit that when I gave her the copies of the different constis back when I was still in the Makati HQ.

Nobody listens to me. Ha, ha; Chito’s hatred of me has blinded him to the fact that, despite everything, I still possess the skills, talents and Training that made him notice me all those years back. He should remember that when I point something out, you should listen, because I was Trained to notice things.

Anyway. It’s just… galling. This is why I am just so fed up with our elders. This policy of double-standards is what wrecked this country and is wrecking it still. When will these people stop? When there’s nothing left of the Philippines and we have to start from scratch? And all they can say is, sorry?!


Sorry. I’m just really angry, I guess. People like Chito feel so god-dammed self righteous its so sickening. Its like they can do nothing wrong simply because it’s them. It’s like if they do the extra-constitutional actions, its okay because they’re the fucking “good guys,” but when other people do it not only are you oh-so-wrong, but they reduce the discussion to name calling and insults. “Lakas Pala?” The fuck? What is this, kindergarten? I wish I could post here their rejoinders and responses to our responses. You could see just how… shallow they can be.

Given all this, I think I am about ready to issue a final Call to my generation. We can’t survive more of this; the future my generation will be living in will not survive more of this kind of “ironies” that the present generation of powers-that-be operate in.

Hah. I wonder how many will respond? These LightForsaken elders keep saying the young are the hope of the nation in one breath while they push us all away either to the call centers or nursing with the other. Hah, some mothers even teach their daughters what to ask and how to do the asking to foreigners over chat. Mothers. This is how we are valued by our elders. This is the way the hope of this nation is treated. Mothers selling their own daughters. Leaders espousing high ideals while having no qualms about lying and doing character-assasination just to get what they want.

What painful irony that is…

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2 Responses to Ironies

  1. meinardus says:

    rob, greetings from kl. it is a good idea to blog about the lp issues. you would render a good service to the public if you simply make available the transcripts of the hearings at comelec. i, for one, would be a regular reader. take care, and don’t lose your hope in the unity of the liberals.

  2. Azure Phoenix says:

    Hi, Dr. M. Thanx for dropping by (“,)

    I’ll try to make the transcripts available soon as we can digitize them.

    As for losing hope on unifying Philippine liberalism… I don’t think I’ve come to that point yet, sir. We’ve always maintained that WE are open to dialogue. The problem is the other side: they are the ones who insist on unconditional surrender. They are the ones who expelled people (MLA’s group did NO such thing).

    Chito and the others leave little if any room for negotiation. It’s either you agree with them or you’re the enemy. I think, Dr. M., that we all know that if one side in a negotiation refuses to make leeway, then no negotiation is possible.

    Frankly, to me they sound more like the Communist Party than the Liberal Party. Sorry about that, sir, but it really HAS been trying.

    Nevertheless, be assured that I will DIE a liberal. This is the ideology I resonate the most with, and I don’t see myself “jumping ship” to other ideologies.

    I saw your posts on Greece. I’m suddenly enticed to seriously consider making it one of my stops in case I find myself in Europe again (“,)

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