The horoscope signs of the LP

Ha, ha. Forgive me for laughing a bit, but I just found out what astrological signs the Liberal Party is under.

Since the LP’s official website is still under Drilon’s control (what are they doing to my baby? They’re teaching it to lie so horribly and to suppress dissent and differing opinions! I swear, when I get my hands on my baby again, I shall cleanse it of their insanity!), we decided to use the tools of modern, Net-based media to come out with a blog for the LP. At the very least, this will give the “alternative” side on the issue.

One of the problems we encountered with the official break was that Drilon’s faction had control of the Gatekeepers of Information and they enjoyed a better perception with the commentators and columnists. Like I said somewhere, their side had the “progressives” of the LP. We had to find a way to get our side of the story out, and hopefully the new blog will help even out the perception battle.

Anyway, what was funny was when I viewed the complete profile for the blog owner. We entered the official founding date of the LP – 19 January 1946 – forgetting that Blogger automatically lists the Western and Eastern Zodiac signs of the blog owner.

Now we know: the Liberal Party of the Philippines is Capricorn and a Rooster.


According to Yahoo Astrology, this is the forecast for the LP for 29 June 2006:

(For Capricorns)

Today’s not a time for quick action. Contemplate your surroundings and just chill.

You might be inadvertently sending out mixed signals even as you focus single-mindedly on your goal. It’s time to examine your innermost feelings even if you’re the picture of ambition on the outside.

(For Roosters)

You’ll feel stronger and more clear-sighted in life; you’ll know how to look at things with more detachment in the face of certain difficult situations. Your judgment in financial matters will be rather shaky; therefore this will not be the time to embark on too important speculation deals. On the other hand, you’ll be swamped with love waves. Some stomach problems, as well as irritations caused by your children, are to be expected.

Wahahaha. How funny. “Some stomach problems, as well as irritations caused by your children, asre to be expected.”

Want to see the one for this week?

For Capricorns:

Reading the day’s newspaper may be a source of great ideas for you on Monday. At the beginning of the week the muscles you’re stretching are those that deal with being receptive, curious, and present. Newspapers are helpful in these areas. A complicated business puzzle takes up most of your day on Wednesday, and Thursday is beset by the demands of coworkers. But Friday and Saturday are productive, illuminating, even merry-making. You’re so happy by the end of the week you’ll most likely feel like working on Sunday.

“Working on sunday?” Nooooooooo!!!!

And here’s the forecast for the Rooster this year:

Your personality will tend to bloom this year — you’ll be less secret, less withdrawn than usual; you’ll look more for the company of others. The year will be most favorable to extolling your creative talents. The stars will incite you to exploit your hidden resources, and their usefulness will not be limited only to your affairs or to your home. Set your imagination free! Beware, however! Your tendency toward compassion will be increased this year. It’s possible that it will induce you to take care of others to the point of imposing on yourself heavy financial or other burdens. Don’t let yourself be moved by the misfortunes that others will describe to you in a deliberately tragic manner. Assure yourself of the validity of what people tell you before granting your aid. Besides, remember that well ordered charity begins with oneself.


Oh, good Lord, wehehe…

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