Haha. Maybe I should write here, “Blogging fever grips Filipino young liberals!”

Although, when you think about it, it’s rather ironic that KALIPI would just be one of the latest to have its own blog among the young liberals of the Philippines. I mean, compared to the blogs of, say, Donna and Tops, it really is lightyears behind.

And how come I can say stuff like that about our blog? Because I head KALIPI’s Directorate for Communications and Public Relations (DCPR), and that little cybernook falls under my jurisdiction, wahaha!

Hey, it’s my baby, too. And since we’ve been hyperlinking like crazy between all of our blogs, we hope to induce more netizens to start posting replies like crazy on our posts.

Anyway, click here to go to KaBlog!, the official web log of the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas.

By the way: we have unconfirmed rumors – and, oh, how I wish I had not disbanded ISaAC; I miss my intelligence operatives – that the Drilon faction has formed its own liberal youth wing.

I have a lot of comments on this, but I guess I’ll refrain going into details until I hear more. But, if this is true, all I can say in brief is:

A. They’re certainly within their rights to make their own associations, but
B. Making another KALIPI – no matter the name – is rather:
C. Immature
D. Improper
E. Pathetic
F. Absurd
G. Really gets my blood pressure up

Whoops. Too much angst.

I’d rather they just continue with that “UMASA KA ” thing that Chito and Rudy Santos thought about all those years back. Heck, I even gave them the concept paper for it. This, making their own KALIPI, is just soooo like spitting on our eyes.

Hey, whoever did this? If you can’t stand KALIPI not going with what you want, then live with it! We are not your slaves, and we think, we discern, and we do not immediately jump to conclusions. Respect us, and we’ll respect you.

Heck, what am I talking about? We’ve always respected them, eventhough they haven’t us.

Okay. Stopping now. Angst level is getting high.

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