Funny Morality

I just came from looking at one of’s blogs, the one called Current. As usual, it’s such a nice place to get grist for one’s blog, especially given how long ago the blogger stopped writing.

On the post regarding Migz Zubiri and his redemption via politics, John Nery reiterates his position (as opposed to Manolo’s) that Migz can never be able to redeem himself because of the context in which the Gentleman from Bukidnon got elected, and most especially given Migz recent filing of a counter-petition vs. rival Koko Pimentel at the Senate Electoral Tribunal. According to Nery, the move was designed to turn the Tribunal into the electoral equivalent of the Energizer Bunny in that it will just go on, and on, and on, putting Koko’s supposedly righteous pursuit of his case into electoral limbo.

I will not contest John Nery’s analysis of Migz‘ actions; whatever the reasons of the Gentleman from Bukidnon for filing a case, that’s his problem and, lest the pundits and public forget, he is certainly entitled to it, just like everyone else. Nowhere it is said that someone the public perceives as one of Gloria’s boys is denied his constitutional rights, just because he happens to be in the little girl’s camp.

But, see, that’s my longstanding issue with the anti-Gloria crowd: they’re such aces in the practice of selective morality.

I will repeat myself: what is so wrong with Zubiri filing a case with the SET? Isn’t he entitled to do so?

Seeing the comments all over the post, I decided to add my two cents worth by posting what I called a “Point of Information”: if Zubiri should be denied a Senate seat for cheating, or Escudero impeached for betraying the ideals of the Opposition… then shouldn’t someone who threatened to blow up buildings and people be all the more denied that privilege, regardless of how many… misguided people voted for him?

I mean, look at it. How can people even go to the lengths of actively advocating for Trillianes to sit in the Senate while denying a (supposed) cheater and an alleged betrayer the same things? Which one is the greater sin to the Republic? Heck, which one has proof?

That’s why I was just so incensed at de Quiros when he lambasted the judge who denied Trillianes his supposed right. In case he and other anti-GMA pundits have forgotten, there were LIVE FEEDS of the Oakwood Mutiny. Their bloody friggin‘ hero himself read the bloody friggin‘ demands, and what would happen if those weren’t met.

And that’s why I am just so… irritated at a public that would call for the ouster of an alleged cheat, while putting into office a confirmed terrorist. The same public that elected a non-performing, human rights-abusing person to City Hall on the basis of his closest rival being the son of the man who was a solid supporter of the alleged cheat. Never mind if the Atienzas were largely responsible for reviving the moribund capital into a shining city once again. I mean, get rid of your anti-Gloria lens and look at what Manila was in the last nine years.

Don’t you think there’s just something wrong with this picture?

If people have the gall to demand morality and ethics from its leadership, then this should be a blanket demand, not a flavor-of-the-month, apple-of-the-eye thing. If you’re going to apply strict standards against the little girl, than do so for that terrorist. If you’re going to take the AFP to task for the alleged abductions of political activists, then do the same for the CPPNPA for its well documented torching of cell sites and industrial centers, as well as its owning up to the killings of Lagman, Kintanar and that other RJ leader.

Bakit kayo namimili? Para naman tayong nag-gagaguhan nito eh.

And people wonder why our Public Sphere is such a mess?

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7 Responses to Funny Morality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just my two cents too… You are missing the point why people look up with Trillanes. With all the invectives you just said on him (terrorist?) he’s one of the few soldiers who stand up against corruption (blatant and huge) to an impoverished nation. It just so sad that people like you an obvious cretin doesn’t care at all. Had we join them there could be no Migz to talk about now. Cheating is the springboard of corruption. It breads politicos like GMA and JDV. I’m not a contra-GMA crowd I’m just a contra corruption and tyranny.

  2. Azure Phoenix says:

    Oh gee. A Trillianes fan. Because you OBVIOUSLY didn’t listen to what I’ve been saying, Mr./Ms. Anonymous.

    Answer me one question, iho/iha: is it a crime, too, to threaten to destroy property, to threaten people, and use both to get something you want?

    Why do I call Trillianes a terrorist? Because that’s what terrorists do: hold people or important structures hostage to get what they want.

    Unless you can get rid of either your hero worship of that military adventurer or your hate for Gloria, then don’t tell ME I’m missing the point, or call me a cretin on my own blog.

    Because I’ve been listening to arguments of people like you and I’ve presented clear rebuttals to them.

    Have you?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a fan of Trillanes It just so happen that I hate corruption (the type that you steal something from a beggar) and I don’t hate Gloria as much as I hate people like you. You are obviously an egoistic cretin who thinks first the economy or heck civility of things than our very survival as a nation. What a rebuttal indeed. Trillanes and his group even deserve a congressional medal of honor for that mutiny (granting of course we have a sensible congress). Imagine they put their career and their own life on the line for us who first instinct is to save the economy. Had Trillanes et al. used Batasan Complex or Malacanan Palace it could have been better. And finally, for your information there is no definition of terrorism yet not even by the United Nation. Our Human Security Act describe it but that is something The supreme court will digest if its valid. People like you who label someone like Trillanes a terrorist only uses the word to advance your personal view of things. Get a life, your perverted views really smacks with arrogance and ignorance. Better yet get some help you might need a psychiatrist you might be thinking you’re an American. Jose Rizal writtings might help you too.

  4. Azure Phoenix says:

    Amazing. And Mr./Ms. Anonymous replies again! And this time it’s a DIFFERENT person!

    *sigh* My Training tells me not to argue with idiots like you (and I’m name-calling now because you started it) who obviously (a) have an agenda they’re dead set on, and (b) never listen to arguments from the other side.

    And because I just want to show how much an idiot you are, let me rebut you again:

    On the survival of a nation, the health of the economy is a very important aspect of it, in case you didn’t know. If a nation’s economy tanks, then people’s lives shatter, and even basic services get harder and harder to be addressed. No matter how “holy” or “virtuous” your people are, if they are dying of a thousand reasons because the nation’s economy went down, your supposed virtuous people themselves will kill each other just to have even a morsel of food.

    Also, I never said I took my position vs. Trillianes because I am “pro-economy” and not “pro-values”; you, my dear idiotic Anonymous, are putting words into my mouth.

    Mr./Ms. High-and-Might Anonymous, LISTEN TO MY ARGUMENT: I am taking Trillianes and the… misguided million that voted him to task on the basis of LAW, JUSTICE and EQUALITY OF THE APPLICATION OF THOSE TWO.

    You want to bring Gloria to justice because of her (perceived) crimes? By all means, do so! Follow the rules of court and law and present enough, solid evidence to do her in the way it was done during Erap’s impeachment.

    But don’t go about defending that terrorist of yours on the basis of your so-called “I hate corruption” thing. My point here is that Trillianes committed a high crime.

    You have a right to your seditious little opinion but please, PLEASE, remember, you stupid, horrible person, that a CRIME is a CRIME.

    Trillianes IS guilty of high crimes to the Republic. It’s all on tape. He was even the spokesman of his little mutinous group.

    Btw, I know you’re two different people. The first “Anonymous” had really bad English, and the second one is little better. If you’re going to debate with me, please be civil enough to show me your face.

    You call ME a cretin yet you people hiding behind that anonymity are the ones committing certinous acts.

    But then, I’m assuming here you’re a member of the public who is genuinely aggrieved at my statements. Of course, I know you’re not.

    If you people want to debate with me, do so civilly and I will treat you like people.

    And I have an idea who you people are.

    Consider yourselves warned.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whoah!!! You really are one pathetic brat. Just want to remind you too that your English is equally as bad.

    To enlighten your Neanderthal brain I will point you some basic points to ponder upon.

    1. People will live through war but not injustice …never!
    2. There is no economy to speak of at that time (Oakwood “REVOLT”) the biggest reason for the economy sliding is GMA herself her economic policies and political maneuverings. Investors became jittery and the economic fundamentals are weak.
    3. No one is claiming virtuous here. You started name calling by saying that a person is a “fan” of someone just because of his opinion.
    4. I’m quite surprised to learn you’ve got “training”? I bet you’re a prodigy of Toting Bunye (Pweh!) No wonder your writings have the hallmark of a paid drumbeater.
    5. It is you who can’t comprehend nor listen to other’s argument. What a pathetic looser. Para kang Mongoloid may sariling mundo.
    6. You may not feel the effects of blatant corruption because you are sitting in that cozy chair from an air conditioned room while reading this in your computer but the truth is people are dying out there out of poverty that induced by corruption and lack of opportunity. You may not understand this because your main problem is simply choosing between a latté or Espresso at Starbucks. What a freak asshole!
    7. Here you are arguing about “rules of court” and misguided millions who voted for Trillanes. I know you voted for Pichay and Chavit (asshole!)
    8. It may be seditious to look up with the Trillanes revolt but it’s a radical and extreme solution for an equally extreme problem. You may not understand it nor feel this as I’ve said because you live in a bubble.
    Try to have some empathy and you’ll see what I mean. Look around you and tell me you don’t see the extreme poverty. Are you part of the solution or just a drifter in the virtual world and being part of the problem? -Indifference-

  6. Azure Phoenix says:

    Amazing. And he/she/it actually made an account named “Anonymous” with Blogger just to hit me.

    Let’s answer you point for point:

    1. People DIE in wars. People die due to injustices, too, but never in the scale of wars. If you insist otherwise, then perhaps you really should re-read your history, or level-off with me here on what this debate’s definition of “injustice” is.

    Injustices can be addressed, and most times without anyone getting killed. Someone always dies in a war.

    2. First, that’s your opinion. As a Liberal Democrat, despite your being uncouth, I have to respect that, even if you don’t respect mine.

    Second, I will remind you of what happened during the many coups of Honasan.

    3. He/You called ME a cretin first. Are you even reading the posts?

    4. First, paki ko ke Bunye. I don’t know him and he does not know me.

    Second, I am not paid by anyone to write here. This blog has been in existence for a LONG time.

    Haha, why am I surprised at this comment? Ganyan naman kayong mga anti-Gloria; when someone goes against your views, you call them paid hacks.

    Di ba ikaw, oo? Wag mag deny!

    5. And your proof that I can’t listen is…?

    Look at my responses, and then look at yours. Which one of us isn’t listening?

    You even called me names, o. In debate, ad hominem arguments suggest that the interlocutor has no substance in his rebuttals.

    6. Hmmm… Feeling ko nga kilala kita.

    And because this point has no substance, I won’t deign a reply.

    Asshole ka din, btw.

    7. You know I voted for Pichay and Chavit? Wow, psychic ka? Obviously hinde. Because I NEVER voted for those two.

    And so what if someone voted for these people? Suffrage is a RIGHT. Who people to choose to vote for is their call. We can disagree with their choices, like I am doing with those who voted for Trillianes, but to call them assholes for it?

    Asshole ka nga, dude.

    8. You prefer to be seditious, that’s your problem. Don’t blame the PNP if they cart you off to jail, or the AFP if they shoot you in the field.

    Of course, my responses assume I am having a decent, intelligent discussion with another human being. Which is not the case here. You have an agenda, and you are hell bent on pushing it.

    Trillianes isn’t even the issue here; if he was, the debate would circle around him, and the issues directly affecting him.

    No: you, asshole hiding under the safety of anonymity, is attacking ME personally. Those are not issue-arguments but personal attacks.

    If you are someone I DON’T know, then I would respectfully ask you to cease this exercise. If you wish to argue with me on the basis of the issues I raise here in MY blog, then do so civilly and on-topic, otherwise, I will delete EVERY comment you make, or take the drastic step of moderating all comments to my blog, which is something I abhor as a LibDem.

    If you are someone I know, especially one specific someone… dude, pwede tumigil ka na? Barubal eh. At walang modo. Kakahiya ka.

  7. anonymous says:

    Azure Phoenix here.

    I decided that “anonymous” here doesn’t merit the rights due to a civilized member of the blogsphere since he/she/it (most likely “it”) has given a new comment and, frankly, its as baseless and offensive as the last one.

    I refuse to talk with a wall.

    You’ve been warned Anonymous. I really, really suggest you do not post again, unless you are ready to engage me in civilized discourse.

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