Later today, former National Economic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri will testify to the Senate everything he knows about the National Broadband Network (NBN) deal. Senators would want to hear, most of all, if (a) bribes were offered, and (b) who did the bribing.

As pundits have been saying for the last few weeks, the Opposition smells blood, and like sharks, they can barely keep themselves from attacking the prey with gay abandon.

Could this be the factor the anti-Gloria forces have been waiting for since 2005? Is Neri their Chavit? Because all of the former NEDA chief’s statements seem to point to the fact that his tell-all will damage Gloria. What he wants, Neri said, was a full overhaul of the system that has allowed “oligarchs” to oppress the people, that the importance isn’t in the who but the how. Of course, given all that’s happened in the last two years or so, I think we all know what our august Senators want.

I wonder what Sec. Neri is thinking right now? Is he weighing the options and scenarios? Certainly, he lacks for nothing in the analytical department; being the chief economic strategist of the administration for so long required lots of analytical capability.

He is the fulcrum right now, that one thing that could shift a whole world.

I think he knows that full well. Perhaps he is asking himself the hardest question of all, with that knowledge: being the axis on which change can move on, can he risk the fate of an entire nation? Could these supposed “solons” of the upper chamber – themselves part of the oligarchy Neri appears to be so disgusted with right now (certainly, he is aware of that!) – be entrusted to do the right thing with the opportunity he can give them… or will it be just more of the same old shit?

I remember that debate I had with Little Sister Rhealeth about what was wrong: the people or the system? To her, then a freshie in UP and in awe over mentors like Randy David, breathing the activist air of the premier State U, the problem was systematic. It was the system that needed to be replaced. I used a trick in debate and argumentation to make her admit, on her own, that it actually was the people, the ones working within the system, that made the difference. Plato certainly argues along those lines, since the Guardians actually functioned without a set system – no rules or laws, so Fr. Luis David pointed out to us – and the thing that would have made Plato’s premier leader-class so special and effective was the system of education and upbringing that they would receive.

So, Secretary Neri: will your decision to talk later be based on a viewpoint that the problem is the system, and not the people? Can we trust our Senators and civil society leaders to do the right thing with the Truth, given all they’ve done with it since the Garci tapes came out?

Mark your calendars, boys and girls. This is going to be the beginning.

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