Media as obstruction to the police

Some people were asking me why the warrant hasn’t been issued yet to Sen. Trillianes and cabal.

If you will see the videos, you’ll notice that despite the fact that where Trillianes, Gen. Danny Lim and Tito Guingona are is a “danger zone”, there’s a LOT of people in the Pen. The Magdalo officers were armed, and as Sec. Rolando Andaya has observed, it would appear that not only was Trillianes not amenable to a peaceful resolution, having denied the Government team any chance to negotiate with him, but he appears to be goading Government to attack him. This is a man who will not go willingly and easily.

But even if the Marines, the Army and the PNP bring every frigging combat unit to effect the arrest order, how can you properly implement it, especially within the confines of a hotel’s corridor, with so many people from Media there?

This isn’t Embedded Journalism, this is obstructionism!

Imagine you’re part of the team assigned to arrest the rebels. They command the higher ground and have a clear view of a location (the lobby) with clear lines of fire. That makes it dangerous enough for a trained unit to effect an order of arrest to someone obviously not willing to be arrested (what, and leave the comfort of a 5-star hotel for a dingy cell? The guy didn’t even have the gall to do his sedition on the field!).

Now imagine the complications in your mission when you have to worry about all those civilians with cameras, recorders and whatnot all over the operations area. And if one of these media personnel get hit in the crossfire, who’s going to take the flak? Certainly not the so-called hero and senator, yes?

Seriously, news bureaus should be checking their Operating Procedures. They’re being an obstruction here, in my opinion.

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