Trillianes Redux: Endgame

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no friggin’ idea what the bloody hell he’s complaining about!

Alright, before emotions and anti-Gloria sentiment gets the best of us, let’s level-off on something, eh? What is a crime? It is a breach of the law. Laws are made to define for the rest of society where the line is between civilized, responsible behavior and one that goes against those.

Our laws are clear on something called sedition and its inciting: when you advocate actively and openly the overthrow of the current government, you are seditious. Sedition is a crime. If you fail in your attempt to overthrow government, then you must be made answerable for it.

Trillianes actively and openly called for the overthrow of government. They had armed men with them. One of their supposed lawyers even claimed that they were willing to die for their beliefs. Argee Guevara even told media that, aside from this being the time for valor (“kagitingan” was the word he used), if the Pen had to be the new Tirad Pass, then so be it.

At about 5:30 or so, the AFP called the bluff of Trillianes and his motely band of rebels by crashing an APC through the sealed front gate of the Pen.

What I can’t stomach is Trillianes’ continued rants of “now you see the extremes this government will go to!” I’m like, dude, you were calling for it to fall. You had guns. You even said you’d die for your call.

Government had a duty to protect itself and uphold the laws of the nation. What do you think any government will do in such a situation? God’s Sacred Light, in really authoritarian regimes, they’d all be dead by now. A few well-placed artillery rounds should have both ended the problem and been an example to future putschists.

And before the Trillianes fans there start screaming for blood, please remember that several attempts were made to negotiate with them. They rebuffed them all.

Well, this phase of the Trillianes Tantrums is over. Watch out for the next one.

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