Trillianes Redux

Isn’t he just soo amazing?

As I write this, the 3 pm deadline Government set for rebel-escaped-as-Senator Antonio Trillianes IV and Brig. Gen. Danny Lim (who is accused of leading the aborted coup of February 2006). At approximately 11 p.m., Trillianes and Lim walked out of their hearing in Makati’s courts, walked a surprisingly-unjammed Makati Ave., made a statement asking GMA to step down, and ensconced themselves inside the Manila Peninsula.

The so-called hero has just made another spiel. In it, Mr. Trillianes asks people to choose between GMA and change. He claims this newest move is a call for change, that he tried to do it through the process, but he was prevented from fulfilling his mandate to stand up for the people.

Let’s go through this again, folks: back when he was still inside a bomb-ringed Oakwood, nobody contended his call for reform in the Military. The public sympathized with that aspect of the whole episode, the purported reason for the Mutiny (since there were rumors that the Oakwood Mutineers were actually the vanguard for an armed force supporting civilian powergrabbers).

There are two things that the good “senator” can’t seem to get: that he breached the law, and nowhere in the law does it say that he can get away with it when he was elected as Senator.

Regardless of how he, media or anyone coats the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, it was still a mutiny. It was against the law, both military and civil. And if you go against the law, you have to bloody pay for it.

Now, no one also contends his mandate from 2007. Sige na nga, he won. That is not under contention here. But Senators are not given a cloak of immunity from criminal prosecution when you ascend to the Upper House of Congress. If I recall correctly, legislators are only immune for “lower” crimes, if any.

And today, to add to his insanity, he has openly made a seditious call.

I said before how easy it would have been for him – young, good looking and eloquent – to have become a media darling, sans guns, if he had instead resigned his commission from the Navy and then appeared in a presscon with the same demands they made at Oakwood. He would have been a celeb no less and with no law (that I know) broken.

Instead, he brought several dozen more of his fellows to Makati, guns and all, ringed Oakwood with high explosives, and demanded stuff. Now that’s illegal. Anyone who says such an act is justified given we’re in a more-or-less functional democracy and a freewheeling media should have his or her head examined.

Now, he walks out of court and ups the ante by telling the public, “her or me, este, change pala.” That’s sedition. That’s a very capital offense, from what I know.

If he sincerely believed in the righteousness of his cause, then he should have stuck with the process, the one where he has to go through trials because of his acts at Oakwood in 2003. That’s what proper, law-abiding and responsible citizens of a country do. If he was willing to break the law to make his point, then if he’s the hero everyone says he is he should be ready to pay the consequences for this when his bid fails.

But then, perhaps he was never really for the process, after all. Look at him: a full Senator of the land, and all he can muster with all that power and influence is to once again incite to sedition? Wherefore the supposed unity of the opposition in the Senate? Where is the power of a Senator of the land, a coequal branch of Government?

There’s your tax Pesos at work, voters of Trillianes. Happy now?

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