The Speakership War, series of 2008

Right now, I’m watching over ANC the proceedings of the House of Representatives regarding the, as Makati Rep. Teddy Locsin said, political future of Joe De Venecia.

First observation: Wow, the House is FULL. Both in terms of attendance by our congressmen and women and in the gallery

I’ve said in other posts that sitting on a “regular” session of the House is the best sleeping pill. Even for one such as I who has training in parliamentary procedure, and being a party man myself, it can be quite the endeavor to stay awake in the well-airconditioned Session Hall while listening to your expensively-paid-for so-called Representatives drone on and on about this and that subject.

Which led me to comment one time that, unless we want our youth leaders to…

Oh wait. JDV is going to talk. Let me get back to you. This is history in the making ^_^

Edit 1 (7:02 pm)

Uh oh. This is scary. JDV tracked back to 1998. And he started with Gloria.

Keep your ears open. There are a LOT of things going to be revealed here.

Edit 2 (7:08 pm)

Ok. ANC lost contact for a time there. But now its back, and JDV is talking about infra projects. Damned “technical difficulties.”

ZTE? Why is he talking about ZTE now?

Oi. Hala.

Edit 3 (7:11 pm)

“In collusion with Malacañang…”


The bets are off now.

I think I said it before: someone in the Palace has been screwing up badly since Garci.


This may not be Gloria’s Second Envelope, but its Under-Siege mode from now on, on the levels like when, say, that big battle on the Pelennor Fields in Lord of the Rings last book.

Oi, FG na.

Oh, yes. Here we go, indeed…

Edit 4: (7:26 pm)

My, oh my…

Isn’t this such… hypocrisy…? I mean, now JDV mentions this? The control the Palace has over the Pork Barrel?

Oh, c’mon… sino-sino nga ba nakinabang sa ganitong sistema?

Edit 5: (7:37 pm)

Garci has been brought up.

“There were many attempts to tamper with the ballots in 2004!”

Well. Yeah, hehe.

Hope he tells people how both sides did so. Because saying Gloria was the only one who did so is just half the truth and is self-serving ^_^

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