Taking you for a ride: the Lozada Expose

Actually, I don’t want to comment about this whole episode. Why? Because, regardless of either the Palace’s efforts at issue management – which are, really, lame at the very least – and what I believe are the observations and reminders of cooler, more sensible heads, the whole Rabid Anti-GMA Crowd (RAGC, for short) has already prejudged the whole case. Why? Because it’s Gloria. Everyone, even someone so vilified once as Joe De Venecia, are saints or at least laudable if you go against Gloria.

I will probably make no more observations and comments after this. Because you, dear reader, are probably Anti-Gloria, too. Maybe not a RAGC, but enough so the noise from the RAGC crowd – supposed civil society leaders, the whole “responsible” media, several members of our own Catholic Church, and those opportunistic (but, because they’re anti-Gloria, tolerable, even heroic. Like that criminal Trillianes) politicians – probably sounds right, proper and true to you because, well… at the end of day, could anything that comes from Gloria and her people be true?

Never the hell mind if the RAGC crowd crucifies the Little Girl on the basis of morals, ethics, justice and demand fair play, yet are not willing to concede the same to their interlocutors. It’s like the Commie demanding “democracy” and the freedom to dissent while branding all non-Commies counter-revolutionaries.

I refuse to engage in a debate where the other side is as solid in his or her position as much as a Fundamentalist is with regards to religion. Because when one becomes a fanatic for a cause, everything that jives with their side is gospel truth, even if it stands on flimsy evidence and hearsay or is backed up by actions as deplorable as that done by the person being castigated. While anything that runs counter to the fanatic’s worldview is wrong, and I’m probably regarded as either a “hedonist” who should get a life or is a paid hack from Malacañang. How drool.

Some people have tried to point out the various inconsistencies in Lozada’s actions and statements. But will you listen, when its far easier and more convenient to just lump it all up in a box that says, “abduction” and “Palace ploy” than to assume nothing of the sort happened? They’re even changing the definition of “abduction.”

From Merriam-Webster Online, Abduct means


Main Entry: ab·duct
Pronunciation: \ab-ˈdəkt, əb-; 2 also ˈab-ˌ\
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Latin abductus, past participle of abducere, literally, to lead away, from ab- + ducere to lead — more at tow
Date: 1825

1 : to seize and take away (as a person) by force

Now, whether Lozada was abducted or not, based on that definition, depends on whose account you give more credence to. But based on recorded statements and other facts, it would appear that Lozada asked his boss, Environment Sec. Lito Atienza, to pick him up because he didn’t want to testify in the Senate.

Some people also make too much out of him being driven around, and I heard he was even brought to Cavite. RAGC people say this was supposed to be the prelude to a rubout, which was only aborted because the “heroic” media put the pressure on the Government.

To my mind, this was SOP for when (a) you’re securing a person who’s life is in danger, and (b) to throw from your scent, as it were, anyone trying to track your principal. There are advantages to going straight to your target destination when in an escort scenario, but when the situation requires that your principal’s whereabouts must also be secure, you try to mislead potential trailers . Why didn’t Lozada’s escorts bring him directly to DLSU-GH? Why would you show people where a person your protecting is? Isn’t that not only stupid but irresponsible as well?

And why was his family not informed? Admittedly, as my friend Bombet said, someone from Lozada’s large family – 13 siblings, and those are just the sibs – should have been told, especially since the man claimed they’re all of “differing temperaments.” The wife should have been informed, at least. There is a policy in security ops where the less people know both about the op and the location and status of the principal, the better, since it becomes a “need to know” basis and sometimes, even relatives can be placed in the “not need to know” box. Well, if it was me and nothing was amiss, I’d unobtrusively secure the wife and kids and bring them to a separate safehouse, reuniting them when the principal is safe. But that’s me.

If he was brought immediately enough to the La Salle Brother’s fortress in GH… why the hell did they not tell people where he was? I mean, good Lord: if one wanted to secure somebody under the pretext of pressuring them to do what you want, you do not (a) bring them to as activist a clergy as ours, (b) bring them to a religious community whose leaders once led the efforts to oust your boss, and (c) gather all of them in one place to secure them, leaving only enough to keep the semblance of normality. But everyone was free to move. Isn’t that odd?

And with access to communication channels, too. I read the article where the La Sallians pulled a fast one on the cops (and the way Inquirer wrote it, para bang napaka heroic ng mga La Sallian Brothers. So why didn’t they do the more normal, if not media-worthy thing, of telling the man’s family where he was if they were so farking concerned?) . How can evil people like Gloria’s cops possibly be keeping Lozada under wraps – in enemy territory, no less! Do you have any idea how many opposition leaders live in GH? And it’s San Juan, for God’s sake! Kanino nga ba San Juan, uli? – yet allow “variables” like the DLS Brothers access to outside comm that isn’t even monitored?

Every RAGC member is probably whooping it up how the nice, little priests obviously caught the evil instruments of state suppression off guard when so many media personnel arrived. And nobody asked why and how they managed to be informed about it when supposedly the Palace has Lozada secured to pressure him?

MLQ3, in his blog, noted how, in conversations with Lozada, the guy sounded sincere, and his story is sound because it holds up to constant repetition.

Yet, I remember how, with a twist of a fact here, a misleading statement there, and a bit of omission, the LP Drilon Wing leaders have constantly, repetitively, mouthed their bullshit stories all the way from 8 July 2005. Constant repetition. Constant cross-examination. Over two years. Yet, speaking as someone who was there and was a victim of their stupid little action, it was all lies and bullshit.

Pedigree, and the desire to believe that something is true because it resonates with what we hope is the truth, especially when it reinforces our view about things and people, makes us think what we’re hearing is true. Certainly the Marcoses believed for so long that the people love them, because under constant repetition their cronies made it look that way. Until Ninoy died and they saw all those people mourning for him.

Am I trying to smear Lozada’s rep? Not really. I just think that, with less than 2 years away, the RAGC crowd is jumping on this last chance to get rid of Gloria before all the leaders of the significant political forces buckle down for 2010. We are seeing an escalation again, perhaps one of the most intense since 8 July 2005. Because there is a timeframe. They must get Gloria before the “Ber” months or its kudos getting rid of her the constitutional way.

I also remember a piece of information about Lozada making the rounds of media when his name started becoming a household hit: that the man was observed to harbor ambitions. If I remember correctly, its also of the political kind.

If some rebel managed to become Senator, despite all the high crimes he did… what’s a little complicity to corruption and plunder? If the voting public puts into office people who mouth patriotism, reform and do it the same time with anti-Gloria remarks… why the hell not?

Everyone’s getting caught up in the moment; Government is corrupt! Geezus, like we all didn’t know that already? The most amazing thing I remember seeing in the Senate hearing before I left in disgust was Chiz asking again and again about the 22% “standard” limit for corruption. Oh, c’mon: like anyone in that chamber who is in politics doesn’t know that one?

Somebody’s being taken for a ride here. I just hope the Republic doesn’t suffer because the people got brought to the wrong directions. Again.

“When the rich wage war its the poor who die.” – Linkin’ Park, Hands Held High.

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2 Responses to Taking you for a ride: the Lozada Expose

  1. Sue Massey says:

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

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