The Lozada Expose: Gaite makes a PR booboo

And here I just said the Palace was doing ok already.

I wonder which idiot this time told Deputy Executive Secretary Manny Gaite to own up to giving Jun Lozada the 500k PhP?

I think I see the strategy of the Issue Managers at the Palace now: demo job by focusing on the “but we were only helping him at his request” line. Ok, this is solid. Among the (rather limited) tracks to take, this is a good, safe, one to focus on. There are things that can’t be denied, anyway, so rather than say, “wuzzint me”, own up to some of the acts, like picking him up and all, work on spinning them to your advantage (or at least to minimize their negative impact) while making it look like there’s more to Lozada’s current actions than a suddenly-rediscovered patriotism.

I can see the next lines of attack here – and if I’m right with my analysis, I applaud the Palace managers for taking that particular strategy – but I’m not telling. Haha. If you can’t see it, why should I tell you? XD

But, good Lord. Why, in God’s Most Sacred Light, did Manny Gaite have to own up to it? Even if angels suddenly appeared singing no public funds were used for something so big as half a mil in moolah, the people won’t buy it. They just won’t. Even if Gaite was telling the truth that the .5m is not public money (most likely, its FG money. Which some of you RAGC will probably claim is public money, anyway, hahaha), and its not hush money but something a friend gives to one in need, who the hell will believe him?

PR booboo again. There is a principle in PR that says you do not admit to anything that will not help your case. Wait for someone to ask first; if nothing is asked, no need to comment, yes? Less said, the better.

Credibility gap issues, people. The Prez and her Cab has big credibility issues. And then you let someone as high as Manny Gaite claim that, opo, the money came from him?

Wow. The Palace just gave more ammunition to the Opposition.

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