Transport strike blues

I heard and read about this last night, but I think I paid it no heed because this isn’t the first time (duh), and before you never really felt it, for various reasons.

But I think the transport groups got it right this time, since there are virtually no jeeps AND buses plying the arteries of the Metro.

Now that’s harsh. ANC showed vids of the Light Rail System (LRT) “Yellow Line” from Monumento to Baclaran as not just full, not just crowded, but… sardine-can cheek-to-jowl.

(And why is ANC playing a clip of Dubya singing The Green, Green Grass of Home? Ugh)

Well, this is interesting to say the least. Protests are part of the democratic tradition, much as the security personnel part of my soul sometimes cringes at it. I hope something positive comes out of this, because I heard there are several valid issues that the transport groups brought up. Yes, that was me agreeing with the transport groups.

Meanwhile, I don’t get a reprieve from work despite the strike. I have Internet at my house. I have a kicks-behinds PC where I can open multiple windows of Firefox while playing my fave online game. I have cable TV (and with the new digibox, even!). So, unless my boss (who, incidentally, was front page on the Philippine Star today, with the news on his appointment as president of the Philippine Forest Corporation) asks me to do more than monitor and flag him on significant developments on events… I still have work to do.

Heck, I can’t even go back to sleep XD

Telecommuting. Somebody should kill the “inventor” of it.

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