ZTE: Neri wins SC case

Heh. This was quite the surprise: the Supreme Court rules in favor of Sec. Romulo Neri over the Executive Privilege case. (click here for the news post)

This means, among other repercussions, that the Senate cannot now compel Neri to attend their overextended ZTE hearings “in aid of legislation” (but admitted by some Senators – including Blue Ribbon Chair Cayetano – as a witch hunt against GMA), nor can they arrest him for contempt if he refuses to participate.

Mmm… interesting…

The Church got it hard from the Rabid Anti-GMA Crowd (RAGC) after it came out with all those “confusing” – maybe because it wasn’t solidly calling on the Faithful to join the assault on Gloria – statements.

Now it’s the SC’s turn, hahahaha.

First expected reaction from the RAGC: how much money went around with this one?

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