Monday blues… and a little bit of Red

The Monday after my “Under the Weather” weekend, and its all seemingly a mess.

The proof that the mortgage crisis in the United States appears far from abating comes in the proof of the filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by the 158-year old investment bank Lehman Brothers. This is comes alongside the news of a “near-miss” with another big bank, Meryll-Lynch. The news is all over the place, although I first saw it in the International Herald Tribune with their article, “Frantic Day on Wall Street as Banks Fall.” And it doesn’t end there, as American financial officials and executives rush to stave off a similar collapse of the insurer American International Group (AIG), which is considered a fallout from the fall of Lehman.

Here in these (very) sunny islands on the edge of the Pacific and the South China Sea, a lot of the insanity gripping Wall Street appeared of little concern over the continuing war in Mindanao – specifically on whether the President said or didn’t say that there would be a stop in air strikesa rice scam, and Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s privilege speech on the double-insertion for an extension of C-5.

Of course, to me what’s significant locally is the decision of the Court of Appeals denying the request of Jun Lozada for a Writ of Amparo, on the basis of he wasn’t able to prove that he was under threat, that his liberty was being curtailed, or that he was even abducted. . Before I make comments on that, I’m going to see how everyone else reacts to it, or how long it will last in the news cycle.

Besides, I think I already made similar comments during the first round of all of this.

Actually, this isn’t really a commentary, just me trying to get back on my mental feet after 2 weeks of stress and depressing stuff, and a weekend of illness.

But to cap it all up in a good note of sorts, I wish we had someone like France’s Olivier Besancenot, who was featured in an IHT article as the “new voice” trying to reinvent the French Left. I’ll try to comment more on him, and on other young, “new generation”, political leaders like him and Barack Obama as a “reaction” to the state of World, Regional and Local (i.e. national) affairs since at least the ’97 Financial Crisis, or 9/11.

The world is a mess and I feel fine. Fascinating.

Maybe, because, like Obama and Besancenot, the next generation sees the problems and rather than mope about it, has once again begun attempting to solve the shit our parents’ generation made.

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