On Filipino Catholics and the bullying of Philippine Bishops

Filipino Catholics are a long-suffering lot. Partly due to the legendary resiliency of our culture and the early catechism in these Islands, Filipino Catholics can take a lot, mentally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Filipino Catholics are like the giant, age-old Narra trees of these Islands: big and strong, able to weather the passage of storm and time.

I think many Filipino Catholics truly cherish their faith. Attendance to Masses in other areas of the world are falling, but here each one is almost always overflowing. Some chapels and churches even get so much donations in a single Sunday that they have enough left over to help hundreds of other parishes nationwide.

That being said, I also believe many Filipino Catholics are not dumb, blind and simply take what is being said from the pulpit. We may sit silent as a priest or bishop or cardinal spews something we feel (and for us with a knowledge of Theology, KNOW) could be wrong, or at least disagree with, but it is there. We sit through a tirade, disappointed that we are not going to hear The Good News, but Christ’s Body and Blood await so you bear with it.

But how long will we bear with it?

This is not the Middle Ages, CBCP and you are not even a hair to Innocent III. You may not like it, but this is also the era of Vatican II, no matter how much JP2 and Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) tried to undo many of the provisions in that awesome Council.

Don’t wait to find out, dear Bishops, how far you’ve truly gone in your little witch hunts.

Remember: at the end of the day we worship and serve Christ. Not you.

People who felt the same have found ways to worship God without their bullying, insensitive, even condescending – Teodoro Bacani, I’m looking at you – clerics before.

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