On the recent flare up in Gaza

I understand part of the reason why Israel acts and reacts the way they do to the threats to their country. Far be it for me to tell one of the most militarily-successful nations in the modern era what to do, but I’m of the opinion that they really should rethink their strategy.

Perhaps Israel should try to practice spannungsbogen, as the word is defined in Frank Herbert’s Dune. Especially in the context of the latest Hamas rocket attacks during the supposed ceasefire brought on by the Gaza visit of Egypt’s PM.

They really should try not to be… goaded that way. Can’t the IDF just stay on the defensive for a while, at least for the length of the Egyptian PM’s stay? Or can’t they use the (admittedly) riskier-yet-more-precise special operations units to hit back?

Because, of course Hamas won’t respect the ceasefire. Of course they’ll hit Israel. Because they know how you’ll retaliate.

Imagine what would happen if, somehow, the Egyptian PM got killed in the retaliatory airstrike. Just imagine that.

There are better ways to reply to asymmetrical threats like terrorists than sending in the army and air force. The lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan, when contrasted with how Bin Laden was killed or the retaliatory strikes after Munich, should always be on our minds.

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