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To the Undecided on the Eve of the 2016 National Elections

I was on a line to a counter in a 7-11. Like any resident of these sun-drenched Islands, you probably noticed – as I have so often when purchasing – that there’s a tally board above the counter. And unless … Continue reading

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Arming Teachers: Not a Solution

I don’t understand arming teachers in order to protect schools from crazy gunmen. Do these people have ANY idea of the psychological cost in pointing a gun at a living human being and pulling that trigger? A decent person will … Continue reading

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The Blood of my Brothers and Sisters

I think I just wanted to watch the second part of History Channel’s “Mankind: The Story of All of Us” because I’m a history buff and it dealt with the Roman Empire. I was even kind of… leery about its … Continue reading

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On the recent flare up in Gaza

I understand part of the reason why Israel acts and reacts the way they do to the threats to their country. Far be it for me to tell one of the most militarily-successful nations in the modern era what to do, … Continue reading

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The victory of the young and women of America

I can remember my apprehension at about this time 24 hours ago. There was this real fear that Barack Obama will lose, that somehow enough Americans will let their disappointment, ignorance and/or hate cloud their judgement and put the Republicans … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the stomach on the eve of the US national elections of 2012

I have that funny feeling again that I get before US National Elections. Kind of like butterflies in your stomach when you fear the outcome of something. And since I’m a cynic, I can’t not be afraid. Because the Democrats have a … Continue reading

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Does democracy have a dollar sign before it now?

I don’t understand how a Super PAC could influence voters with so much bullshit. Don’t people check whether what they’re being told is true or not? I mean, this isn’t the 1930s. This is the 21st century, with its Internet … Continue reading

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